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Office Shredders

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Today’s office place has a lot of standard equipment we take for granted. Everyone has a desk (or “pod”), phone and probably a computer. Fax machines, paper copiers and printers. Add to that list a very necessary machine: the office shredder.

The top shredder manufacturers have created a wide assortment of high quality paper shredders to meet the demands of the modern office. GBC Shredmaster®, MBM Destroyit®, Fellowes, Olympia, Kobra, HSM, Dahle are the top of the line in paper shredder quality.

Office shredders are typically made to withstand the demands of several users and can handle anywhere between ½ to 3 cases of paper per day. This makes them great choices for department and company needs. (If your company needs something bigger be sure to see departmental shredders.)

Models are available in both strip-cut and cross-cut versions and many offer one or more shred sizes. You can even find several strip cut models have been specially designed to shred CD-Roms, disks and credit cards! Equipped with features that help to make the shredding process hassle-free, office shredders often come with wider throats
(9-1/4” to 15-1/4”) to accommodate legal paper and continuous forms, continuous duty motors, and bag full shut-off’s and/or reverse switches to prevent jams.

The Most Popular

GBC Shredmaster®
The Shredmaster® line includes low and high-end office shredder options. Strip-cut and cross-cut models will take staples and paper clips. Feed openings range from 9 ¼” to 15” and sheet capacity from 11 to 22 sheets. 1130s, 2230s and 2250x are the smaller office models. Step up to the 3000 series for medium—duty and larger office models include the 4000 and 5000 series. All Shredmaster shredders have a 3 year warranty plus 5 years on cutting heads, continuous-duty motors, auto on-off, jam-stopper and the industry’s only on-site service network.
   GBC shredmaster 2000-5000 series
Fellowes Powershred®
The Fellowes Powershred® series gives a wide variety of sizes that will give medium to heavy-duty performance. The sleeker, modern look of the newer models, such as the 220-2 strip and cross cut models featuring a 9.5" feed entry and 14-20 sheets per pass and the innovative slim design of the 120-2 have bolstered the traditional line of Fellowes office shredders. Competitive pricing and performance.
Fellowes Powershred® 220-2 office paper shredderFellowes Powershred® 320-2 office paper shredder
Fellowes Powershred® 120-2 office paper shredderFellowes Powershred® 420 office paper shredder
MBM Destroyit®
The Destroyit line is reliable, low maintenance, high capacity and relatively inexpensive. The 2400, 2500 and 2600 series will meet the wide range of office size needs. Strip-cut and cross-cut models will take staples and paper clips. Automatic start-stop and 3-position rocker switch, continuous duty motor and five year-limited warranty on cutting heads. These machines tend to be quieter due to the design. Feed openings start at 8-3/4” and proceed to 9 1/2” and 10 ¼”. Shred sizes and sheet capacity give a good range depending on model and cut size and a variety of shred sizes. The upper end models have casters for easy movement.
MBM Destroyit office shredders
The Olympia line of office shredders includes their 1400, 1500 and 1600 series. These are all well-made shredders capable of handling the volume of paper to meet any office situation. They come in strip and cross-cut models, quiet operation, feed openings of 9 ½”,10 ¼” and the extra wide 16”, large capacity catchbaskets, auto start/stop, and full jam, bag full and door open indicators. Sheet capacity ranges from 10-30 sheets depending on model and cut. Olympia also makes the large capacity 14.52, the special table top 3825 for continuous form paper and the 1500.8 that shreds multimedia (CD-ROMs, diskettes and credit cards).
Olympia family of office shredders
A number of medium, general and high-capacity office size shredders featuring outstanding performance, considerable sheet capacity as high as 40-50 sheets on larger models (20-29 on smaller), continuous duty motors, strip and cross-cut, feed sizes from 9 ½” – 16”, automatic cut-off in the event of a paper jam and handle staples and paper clips. The 240 and 260 series are affordable and the SS5 versions will shred CDs, diskettes and credit cards. The 385 series are designed for continuous forms. The 390 and 400 series are high volume. All are backed by their 1 year workmanship and 5 year cutting head warranty.
Kobra office shredders
Professional office paper shredding in an attractive design with solid cutters and quality electronics. Some models will shred CDs, diskettes and credit cards. Easy open containers, strip and cross-cut versions, and automatic start/stop and reverse. The two series are the 105.2 for medium duty and 125.2 for greater office needs. 9 ½” feed opening on 105.2 and 10” on 125.2. Shred size and sheet capacity varies and is industry competitive. 1 year warranty free from workmanship defects and 5 years on the cutting system components.
HSM 105.2 and 125.2 office shredders
Fully electronic touch sensitive control panel, visual and audible operator indicators and user-friendly start/stop electronics in a variety of intermediate, economy and general office models. The 20506 HE and 20514 HEC are designed for larger office jobs with 10” wide feed opening. The Chameleon® line is designed to appeal to the human eye and can be ordered in a choice of two colors (Jet Black and Graphite Grey). Built to meet smaller to medium office needs with a feed width range of 8 ½” to 12”. One piece cutting shafts milled from specially hardened steel, easy to empty waste bin and an ergonomic, slick styling. Models available in strip and cross-cut with varying sheet capacity and automatically turn off when the door is opened or the waste bag is full.
Dahle office shredders

You should be sure to throroughly review the different model specifications. Shipping may require certain freight requirements due to size and weight. Also, be sure to review maintenance considerations.

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