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Multimedia Paper Shredders Provide Secure Data Shredding of CDs, Floppy Disks and Credit Cards

Paper shredders have been quite useful and popular as the need to safely destroy documents has steadily grown. However, many modern day workplaces have other items storing personal information, such as credit cards, computer discs and CD’s. When these need to be discarded simply tossing them in the trash won’t do.

The Solution is a Multimedia Shredder

Fellowes Powershred 220-2 Multimedia Shredder Kobra 400 S5 high volume multimedia shredder HSM 125.2 multimedia shredder MBM Destroyit 4003 multimedia shredder

Top manufacturers of Multimedia Shredders include Fellowes, Kobra, HSM and Destroyit® by MBM. Most of these powerful shredders are strip cut, although a few are cross cut. They will efficiently destroy multimedia data on formats like CD-ROM, credit cards and computer floppy disks.

Additionally, most models will shred large volumes of paper and are unaffected by paper clips and staples.

Popular Choices

Fellowes Powershred® 220-2S Multimedia Shredder
The Powershred® 220-2s provides the perfect blend of size, power, and features well suited for small offices. This strip cut model shreds 18-20 sheets of paper per pass into 7/32" strips. The cutting cylinders are able to accept staples, credit cards, small paper clips, and even CDs (in designated slot). A combination of contemporary membrane switches, soft lines, and rounded corners for an up-to-date style. Electronic auto start/stop function. 9.5" entry width and a shredding speed of 24 feet per minute provides fast uninterruped shredding of all standard office documents.

Fellowes Powershred 220-2 Multimedia Shredder
Kobra 400 S5 Multimedia Shredder
The Kobra 400 S5 also satisfies your most demanding shredding requirements with multimedia capability. High volume multimedia shredder can accept CD-ROMs, credit cards and floppy disks. Features such as multiple shock absorbers, oil filled and sealed drive transmission, large volume steel cabinet and bearing mounted waste bag holder guarantees a convenient, quiet and trouble free operation. Wide 16" feed width and powerful chain and steel drive can shred up to 60 sheets in one pass. Automatic Start/Stop via photocell with bag full and door open cut off.

Kobra 400 S5 high volume multimedia shredder
HSM 125.2 Multimedia Shredder
Professional multimedia office shredder has specially hardened solid steel cutting cylinders that are unaffected by paper clips and staples and are capable of shredding credit cards and CD-ROMs. Attractive compact console design and large 10" throat handles up to 19 sheets in one pass. Automatic Start/Stop control via electronic eye, standby operation and auto reverse for overfed paper. Continuous duty motor with thermal protection. Convenient pull-out system for easy removal of collecting bag

HSM 125.2 multimedia shredder
MBM Destroyit® 4003 Multimedia Shredder
The Destroyit® 4003 is a tremendous value in multimedia shredders. Handles paper clips, staples, credit cards, floppy disks and CDs and can shred up to an impressive 45 sheets in one pass through the very wide 16" feed entry. Automatic start/stop via a photo cell and stand-by switch will automatically stop the shredder when shred bag is full or paper jams. Motor rated for continuous duty and thermal overload switch is standard.

MBM Destroyit 4003 multimedia shredder

The popular choices listed above are just a few of the many multimedia paper shredders manufactured. You will find the best prices, selection and service on multimedia paper shredders at Factory Express, Inc.

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