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Shredder Maintenance

       …Take care of your shredder for longer life and smoother operation

The quality of paper shredders continues to improve. The major manufacturers like GBC, Dahle, HSM, Olympia, Fellowes, MBM and Kobra have created machines that run faster, quieter, shred larger volumes with greater efficiency and with a variety of electric features. However, they are still machines. If you neglect them they will break down.

Protect your investment through proper maintenance of your paper shredder and significantly add to the life span of the equipment. Paper shredders need periodic oiling to operate at maximum efficiency. How frequently you need to oil the cutting blades will depend on the volume of use (how often the shredder is used and for how long) and the shred size. A cross cut shredder will always need to be oiled more frequently than a strip cut shredder and should be oiled every ½ hour of shredding time. But a ¼” strip cut shredder that is used only 1 to 2 hours per week will need to be oiled just once a week.

The process is really simple and any operator can do it. Keep your shredder’s cutting blades properly lubricated by applying the oil directly onto the cutting head, through the paper entry throat, in a fine stream. It should take about 1-2 seconds to oil from one side of the paper throat to the other. Turn the paper shredder in reverse for about 10-15 seconds, as this will allow the oil to spread to the different areas of the cutting head. The final step is to shred a few sheets of paper to remove any excess oil.

Shredder oil is the only lubricant which should be used in your paper shredder as it is specially formulated to avoid residue build up on the cutting blades. Other oils may attract paper dust which will clog the cutting head.

Dahle chain drive mechanismYou should also periodically inspect the cutting mechanism and clean out any residue. Be sure you have the shredder turned off first (unplugged) and visually inspect.Kobra 240 drive

Keep the cabinet tidy and free of paper scraps. It’s a good idea to invest in shredder bags that are designed for proper fit and strength to handle your shredded paper.

                      A full shred bag

Your shredder should come with a manual. Be sure to save it and refer to it when necessary. Some manufacturers or dealers may offer a service agreement (highly recommended for the bigger departmental or industrial shredders).

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