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Industrial Shredders

       ...For Major Shredding Needs, the Industrial Shredder and Shredder Baler Combinations from Olympia, HSM, and MBM.

One thought keeps occurring to me regarding Industrial – size paper shredders: “Let the Big Dogs Eat!”

These shredders are specialized. Not everyone has the shredding demands for machines of this capacity (if you are looking for large capacity that doesn’t require an industrial model consider departmental or large office shredders).

If you determine you need an industrial shredder there are several considerations.

Amount of Shredding

Industrial shredders can easily shred between 60 and 140 sheets of paper at one time! Engineered to save you time, space and money, industrial shredders often come equipped with standard or optional accessories like hoppers, conveyor belts, and balers* that can effortlessly shred over 1000 pounds of paper products per hour and produce 150 lb to 1000 lb bales that radically reduce the volume of shredded materials. Various shred sizes and capacity models are available and some manufacturers can provide made-to-order options.

* A baler automatically compresses the piles of shredded material into compact bales.

Power Consumption

220 volt 3 phase is typical. Do you have adequate electrical capability?

Space Accomodations

Where will you house the shredder? The bigger models will need a large operating area. A large shredder/baler combinaton can need as much as 150 feet by 75 feet on the high end. Other machines (without balers need around 80 x 60 feet.

Shipping and Setup

These machines are going to require special shipping. They also may need to be special ordered. You are going to want to coordinate this in advance of purchase. Discuss with a salesperson if the machine you want is available, how it will ship and what is required to set it up at your facility. Most dealers will have a factory representative walk you through the process and will typically provide setup, installation and training. Optional CMA’s (contract maintenance agreements) may be available.


At the minimum you will pay $4000-5000. Baler combinations can run as high as $30,000. In the long run they will pay for themselves and the right machine can be used to provide third-party shredding for companies.

Specialized Cardboard/Corrugated Box Shredders

The HSM ProfiPack and Schleicher PacMaster can shred cardboard boxes. Many companies like this option as they can turn their corrugated boxes into packing material.

Popular Choices

FA 400 has fast conveyor and speed moves large volumes of paper into the shredder for high productivity.Large 17" throat opening with ample work space on both sides. Soft touch controls for forward, reverse and stop. Roll out bin with convenient side opening for easy unload of material. Strip (1/2", 1/4" and 1/8") and Cross Cut (1/8"x 2") models with 80-135 sheet capacity, depending on cut size.
FA 490 is a high performance industrial shredder with an incredible capacity up to 440 sheets! Various cut options can be ordered. The electronic control panel facilitates a safe and efficient operation. Auto-reverse feature sends material back to operator if overloaded and emergency safety stop button. Fast conveyor speed moves large volumes of paper into shredder handling up to 50 feet per minute with large 20” throat opening and ample work space on both sides. 3 automatic balers available for compaction.
HSM ProfiPack cardboard shredder Made in Germany. Specially hardened solid-steel cutting cylinders. Operator friendly: no pre-cutting required and easy to operate via a rotary switch for on/off and reverse. Special patented cutting rollers perforate, pad and cut the cardboard to the right size, then processed by the cutting cylinders into packing material - all in a single pass
HSM Industrial shredders
The S14.90 is an exceptionally high volume shredder with a special 17” wide feed system enabling the unit to shred almost any office waste, including bound material and crumpled paper. Uses a conveyor feed system for maximum throughput. User friendly with simple controls at operator’s finger tips. A mobile catch basket allows the operator to dispose of the shred waste in a clean and efficient manner. 60-140 sheet capacity depending on type of cut (available in cross-cut and two strip-cut models)
The 14.84 shredder/baler combination optimizes the exceptional performance of the document shredder. The strips or particles (strip and cross cut versions) drop into the compacting chamber of the 8 ton hydraulic baler. Features continuous cycle shredder and baler operation. Cutting mechanism can be continuously loaded while the baler is compressing the shredded material. Sheet capacity 60-140 sheets, depending on cross or strip-cut models. An audible signal indicates when the bale is completed. The compressed bale is then bound with two straps and simply ejected from the compacting chamber by a pushbutton control or can also be ejected directly into an environmentally compatible plastic sack. Results in stable bales and dustfree handling. A handy bonus: cartons can be fed in through a special opening in the baler and reduced in volume.

Olympia Industrial Shredders/Balers
MBM Destroyit® 4107 provides centralized shredding for facilities. Entire bound files, folders, stacks of continuous forms and computer disks can be efficiently fed via conveyor belt, while absolute operator safety is a mandate for every component. Strip-cut versions can handle up to 140 sheets in a pass and cross-cut 80 sheets with a 16" feed width and 10 HP (8 HP on cross-cut). Large feeding table and conveyor belt delivery with hand guard for safety and easy-to-use control panel featuring optical indicators for forward/stop/reverse, main switch and emergency switch. Large shred compartment accessed by electronically secured door at the rear. Two detachable side tables and heavy duty casters for easy mobility.
     MBM 4107 Industrial Shredder
The PacMaster is a specialized shredder that converts cardboard/corrugated boxes into high quality packaging material. The corrugated boxes are simply cut to the required format in the preliminary cutter. The strips prepared in this way are fed into the PacMaster inlet, where special patented cutting shafts turn them into bulky packing mats. Easy to use and available in three models (PacMaster, Standard and VS-variable speed). Cutter can be reversed manually to clear paper jams. Compact size and high mobility thanks to four castors. Can shred up to three layers of cardboard without difficulty.

       The PacMaster from Schleicher

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