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High Security Shredders

      …For highly sensitive and confidential material (especially for governmental agencies and the military).

If keeping sensitive information confidential is a top priority or you work for a government agency that requires specific DOD/NSA/CSS shred-size then you will be using a High Security shredder.

As with other shredder categories (personal, office, departmental and industrial) there is a wide selection to choose from. Many of the major shredder manufacturers produce a High Security line, notably HSM, Olympia, Kobra, MBM and Dahle.

Shred size, also known as chad, that meet government Department of Defense requirements is no larger than 1/32” X 7/16”. However, more stringent requirements are now mandatory. Therefore, two different levels of document security are available in the high security paper shredder classification. The first level of high security shredders is capable of reducing an 8 ½” x 11” sheet of paper into 6,093 unrecognizable pieces. Paper shredders that meet the new
NSA/CSS standards go even further and provide a way to destroy top secret government and military documents by shredding a single sheet of paper into a minimum of 12,064.5 particles.

Confidential confetti!

***The new government standards for top-secret document shredding have required manufacturers to produce new machines with a smaller particle cut. These new shredders, now on the market and sometimes referred to as “Level 6”, result in a particle cut of only 1mm x 5mm and are in compliance with the updated standards mandated by the U.S. Government.***

The look and size of many High Security shredders are often quite similar to office shredders. The exceptions are the smaller shred size and the speed/capacity of the machines. As with other cross-cut shredders, the speed/capacity is affected by more stringent shred specifications. Cutting systems performing high security shredding typically take longer to shred the paper. They also require basic maintenance like shredder oil lubricating.

Popular Choices

The 240 HS, 260 HS and 260 HS-2 shredders give you the option of low, medium and high volume destruction of classified documents. Continuous duty motor, automatic start/stop via photocell, DOD 1/32" x 7/16" particle size cuts and heavy duty chian drive with steel gears cutting systems. The 240 has a removable waste bin that does not require plastic bags and a 9 1/2" throat width. The 260 HS has an attractive cabinet, runs quiet and the 10 1/4" throat can accomodate 6-8 sheets in a pass. It's big brother, the 260 HS-2 is powered by twin motors and will shred 9-12 sheets at a time through the 10 1/4" throat.

Kobra High Security Shredders
Big and small shredding needs that meet the newly revised NSA/CSS and DOD standards are available in a number of models. The 105.2 and 125.2 HS shredders have 9 1/2" and 10" throat widths, auto start/stop, low noise operation, reverse button to release overfed paper,basket full and door open indicators and specially hardened solid steel cutters. The 225.2, 390.2 and 411.1 will handle greater loads with 12" and 16" throats 16 and 41 gallon containers. They will shred more in a pass than the smaller models (up to 10-15 sheets).

HSM High Security Shredders
The new NSA/CSS specification clearly states the minimum necessary to destroy the COMSEC and TOP SECRET confidential documents. The new 1500.1C and 1800.1C machines meet and exceed these specifications with a shred size of .8 x 4 mm and .65 x 2 mm dimensions. These powerful machines will quickly shred 11 to 14 sheets in one pass. Auto start and optional manual on/off switch, user-friendly soft touch controls and indicator lights with all steel construction for durability.

         Olympia 1800.1 High Security Shredder
A variety of models that meet the newest COMSEC security standards. The 20434 is an intermediate sized shredder for the small to mid-sized office with 9 ½” feed opening, and quiet ½ HP motor, auto on/off and attractive wooden cabinet on casters. The 20634 EC has been approved for the terminal destruction of all COMSEC paper products. 10” feed opening, continuous duty 1 HP nd state-of-the-art electronic control featuring auto on/off, visual operator warnings and auto-reverse, housed in a sound absorbing wooden cabinet. The Executive line model 33134 is attractive and powerful. 12” feed opening, 1 ¼ HP continuous duty motor and the same quality electronic controls and features. The most powerful HS shredders in the lineup are the 20835 EC and 20394, both featuring a 16” cutting head and feed opening and powerful 1 ½ HP continuous duty motor. All these shredders have a 1 x 4 mm a shred size.
Dahle High Security Shredders

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