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Departmental shredders

        ...Centralized shredding with high volume and capacity for the demands of the whole office or multi-departments.

Departmental shredders are typically bigger versions of office shredders. Do you need to shred a considerable volume of paper everyday? Maybe various offices need a central location and a big machine to handle multiple departments. If you have a large office or a department that has high paper output you probably need a heavy-duty shredder.

In addition to typical features like auto stop/start, strip-cut and cross-cut versions, quality cutting systems, warranties and a variety of shred sizes (depending on manufacturer and model) you’ll notice that departmental shredders are bigger. They need to be to handle the volume of documents that large offices shred. You’ll also get wider feed openings (at least 12” and often 16-17”) which means you can shred a bigger stack of paper at a time.

MBM Destroyit®, HSM, GBC, Fellowes and Olympia are names you can rely on for quality departmental or large-office shredders.

These heavy-duty shredders will require some occasional maintenance. You’ll find most come with a continuous motor ability, but that doesn’t mean running it non-stop, 24/7 for days on end. Like any machine, give it a break once in a while. If you buy a cross-cut machine you need to regularly lubricate it with shredder oil – see shredder maintenance.

Think about where you want to park your shredder. These machines take up more space, plus you probably want a location convenient to your co-workers. Perhaps close to the copier or fax machine, but do factor in noise. (How would you feel about sitting next to the sound of shredded paper all day long?)

Be prepared to spend anywhere from $1000+ to $7,000 for the right departmental shredder. For that price you want quality and you’ll get that from the top manufacturers. Nice features like a continuous feed fold out table, high speed operation, multi-media capability and various electronic features are included on many models. Do your research, price compare and talk to the sales representative. Find out if you need special power needs and what shipping considerations you’ll have to deal with (the big machines will go by freight truck and you might need a lift gate or help getting it into the building).

Popular Choices

A good variety of departmental shredders from the 225.2 (up to 30 sheets in a pass, also shreds CDs, credit cards and diskettes, available in strip, cross and high-security cuts) to the 390.2 (16” throat, large capacity, multi-media shredding, quiet) and 411.1 high-volume shredder (continuous duty motor with thermal protection, 45 sheets capacity and features found in the smaller output models). The P-450cc is a workhorse cross-cut shredder with a large bin and 17” throat great for central location and use by several departments. Multi-media as well as paper, clips, staples – heavy duty machine.
HSM Departmental shredders
MBM Destroyit®
A departmental model for virtually any need. The 4107 comes in two strip-cut and one cross-cut option. Large feeding table and conveyor belt delivery with hand guard for safety. Easy-to-use control panel includes lighted push buttons with optical indicators for forward/stop/reverse, main switch and emergency switch. Large shred compartment accessed by electronically secured door at rear. The 4002 series will do thick piles and even file folders in one pass. Pedal "airs" shreds to increase cabinet capacity. Automatic start/stop via photo cell and stand-by switch plus rocker switch for forward/stop/reverse make. Strip and cross-cut and wide 16” throat. The 3102, 3802, 4003 and 4004 models also available to meet a variety of needs.
MBM Departmental shredders
High performance paper shredders for all around office use. Various models. The 3190.4 strip-cut with 30-35 sheet capacity, 1/8" shred size and 1.25 hp continuous duty motor. The Ultra-Performer 5230.6 strip-cut with power to spare and the highest capacity in its class (50-60 sheets in a pass/ 1/4" shred size). The 5034.4 is a high performance cross-cut shredder for the security conscious department or office. 35-40 sheet capacity, 1/8" x 1 1/2" shred size. Light sensor for automatic activation, manual and auto-reverse, 16” feed width . Optional forms rack for continuous feeding. The largest capacity model is the 1440.4C or VS (variable speed option) cross-cut shredder with about 70 sheet capacity, 1/8" x 1 1/2" shred size. 16" feed opening, or 17" on the VS which also comes with a large hopper with smooth paddle feed technology accepts whole bins full at a time. Dust-free fully enclosed mobile base with removable large capacity catch basket. Easy keyboard operation with rotary main switch and soft touch operation.
Olympia Departmenatl Shredders
GBC Shredmaster®
The GBC Shredmaster® 6000 and 7000 series feature EZ feed throat (16" width) and large sheet capacity (30-40 sheet range) with 1/4" strip-cut and 3/16” x 2 3/8” cross cut models. Cabinets have front door access to bags and large capacities let you shred longer between bag changes. Solid one piece cutters, reverse mode clears jams and auto On/Off operation. Built for years of reliable service and are backed by a complete three year warranty, with five years on cutting heads
GBC Departmental Shredders
Fellowes Powershred®
Powerful commercial shredders for the large office, with 10 or more users, needing to shred high volumes of office documents. The 480 strip cut model will shred 36-38 sheets of paper per pass into 7/32" strips and the 520 will handel 38-40 sheets. Heavy duty 1.9 or 2.1 H.P. motors provide the power to handle the larger runs without interruption. Extra wide 16" paper entry width and built in paper tray permits feeding of continuous 132 column computer forms. One piece hardened steel cutting cylinders accept staples, credit cards, and small paper clips. Features a large 39.1 gallon waste container capacity. Automatically stops and alerts the operator with an indicator light when waste container is full. Also available in cross-cut models.
Fellowes Powershred commercial 480 and 520 model paper shredders

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