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Paper Shredders Info is The Site For:

"Don't Let Your Valuable Private Information Become Public! Use A Paper Shredder"

Paper and information go hand in hand

Unfortunately, paper with information…private information…can go from your hand to someone else’s all too easily.

It might surprise you to know that going through the trash, either your company’s or your personal home trash, is not illegal. Once it is put outside in a trash can or dumpster it is fair game. That’s right, it’s perfectly legal for someone to go “dumpster diving” and take whatever information they find.
(see this recent news story from Eileen Ambrose)

Disturbing? You bet. No wonder paper shredders have become so popular.

It's not just computer identity theft you need to worry about it - although that's a concern! If you don't safely shred private info like credit card receipts and bank statements you are inviting the thief in!

Businesses - Are You HIPAA Compliant?
It's the Law - more here.

Paper Shredders Info will help you compare the various types of paper shredders, the features, benefits, security levels, capacities and much more. Shop smart - shop Paper Shredders Info first!

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Major paper shredder manufacturers include Kobra, Dahle, GBC, Olympia, MBM, HSM, Fellowes, Schleicher and Intimus.

Your image of shredding paper may be of harried Enron executives shoving reams of incriminating documents into a big metal behemoth. Sure, that’s on the more dramatic end of the spectrum. Nevertheless, companies and individuals all have sensitive material that needs to be disposed of and simply tossing it into the nearest trash bin is not the smart way to get rid of it.

The government has shredded documents for years. In recent years legislation has been passed mandating disposed information be unreadable, especially medical and financial materials.

So, the point is established: if you are not already using a paper shredder you need to be.

Once you start shopping you are suddenly faced with an avalanche of information. There are so many models to choose from — personal shredders for home use, office and departmental shredders for bigger use, and even industrial shredders for major jobs — and lots of specifications. There are machines capable of shredding multimedia formats like CDs and credit cards. There are several quality manufacturers like GBC, Dahle, Fellowes, MBM, Olympia, Kobra and HSM. Our intention here is to demystify the information and help you choose the best type of shredder for the job.

Before you buy, consider how your shredder will be used. What types of documents will you shred? Is it mostly general paper documents, or will there be sensitive information? Credit card receipts, social security numbers, financial statements and trade secrets all contain information that could be detrimental if it falls into the wrong hands.

The greater the sensitivity the smaller the shred size should be. General strip cut machines are less expensive, but those shredded strips can be pieced together with not too great effort. Cross-cut machines will make it harder on info-thieves, and particle or high-security cuts make it nigh impossible to put the puzzle back together.

Are you going to be using the shredder at home or for your personal small business? Or is this a machine to be shared in an office or department? Maybe you work for the government and the requirements are specific. The new, stricter
DOD/NSA security requirements are now required and a number of companies have new shredders that meet these updated standards.

Take a look around our site for ideas and research. Many of your questions will be answered (we even have a convenient "frequently asked questions" or FAQ page). Maybe you'd like to know more about the history of shredders. Of course, we are happy to personally respond to you simply send us an email.

We're here to help. Thanks for visiting and be sure to tell your friends and associates about us.

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